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Want to Properly Load Paper in a Copier?

While you may feel as if you know your copier inside and out, every now and again, your copier will prove you wrong. Does your paper continue to jam? It may not be the toner, drums or fuser, but what causes the endless jams? It could be that you are not loading the paper correctly,…

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When Does Leasing a Seattle Copier Not Make Sense?

If you run a startup, a copier may not make sense. A copier lease is difficult to abscond from, just like any other contract. If your organization makes less than 700 copies per month, it does not make sense to lease a copier. You should consider buying MFPs that are smaller than copier workhorses. These…

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Avoid Expensive Copier Repairs in Seattle

A high-capacity copier located in one of the many dense complexes of the Seattle business district takes on the burden of copying and printing documents all day long, often without any regard to periodic maintenance. Avoid the frustration of puzzling diagnostic codes and annoying paper jams by being proactive in your copier maintenance, taking it…

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