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We Get You The Best Rates


Easy to Buy or Lease

We won’t force you to meet with sales reps in person if you are ready to buy now. Of course, we would love to meet you if you would like that better!


Low Cost per Print Plans

We save you money by getting you a competitive cost per prints compared to desktop laser devices.


Friendly Staff

We have a great staff that will help you find the perfect copier for your business. Just give us a call and we'll determine what you need.


Great Techs

We limit your downtime by ensuring that you have a technician on your side that will get your copier up and running in no time.

We Believe In Not Having Hidden Fees!

No Paperwork Fees For Your Lease - Most companies charge $300!

No Network Installation Fees - Usually $250.

No Charge to Return Copier at Lease End - Free when you upgrade with us.

Free Shipping While in Contract  - Most companies charge $10+ for supplies.

No Added Coverage Penalties - Results in a rate increase of 30% or more!

We Keep 1 Spare on the Shelf Free - Usually over $1500 for this.

Why Choose Seattle Copier

We do sales, leasing and rentals of copiers in the Seattle area!



We send you a credit app and if you qualify, then you just have a monthly payment on the lease and a click charge for the copies you make. If you don't want to lease you can also buy a copier instead.



We make sure that we are upfront about all of our rates and we get you the lowest rate possible by providing you with the best product for your business needs.



Our staff is friendly and trained to find you the best copier for your business needs. The staff will ask you questions to ensure that they know just what you need.

Thank you from Seattle Copier!

Thank you for choosing us! Are you online looking for a copier lease in Seattle? We cover copiers and cover the whole Seattle area. We have techs in Bellingham, Renton, Bellevue, Kirkland, Bothel, Redmond and all the other Seattle suburbs. Leasing a copier can be confusing to clients who have never leased a copier before.

The interesting thing is most folks believe a copier lease is more like a rental. They return the copier at the end of the lease and then get another. This type of lease is what is called an FMV Lease. An FMV lease, or Fair Market Value lease, is a way to finance capital equipment and allows for the user to know the whole copier is being maintained under a maintenance program. Of course, a copier can be put under a maintenance program no matter how they bought the copier.

We ensure that there are no hidden costs and you have everything that you need to keep your business running smoothly with your copier. Please call us for your copier needs in Seattle today!

We look forward serving you! Please click the "Get Pricing" button to get and itemized copier lease quote today!

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Copier Routine Cleaning Tips

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Multi-Vendor Approach

We won't try and stick you in one brand of copier. We will listen to your needs and recommend what we believe the best solution is for your business.

Used Copiers

We have high quality used copiers available for your Seattle business. Don't pay for new if you can get a used copier.


Copier Leases

We lease high-quality copiers for Seattle businesses. We do both short term and long term copier leasing. Call Us Today!

Document Management

Tired of searching for documents for hours a week. Call us about a high-quality document management package in Seattle!

Dedicated Sales Reps

We pride ourselves on having staff who want to work with us for years. It is likely your sales rep today will be the sales rep you talk to in 5 years.


Copier Supplies

You name it, we can find it! Toner and accessories at the best quality and prices in Seattle

Our Partners

We are able to provide these solutions with the help of our awesome partners.


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