Copier Sales in Seattle

checklistBuying a copier in Seattle can be a tricky proposition.  The reason this can be a challenge is due to how many moving parts there are in a copier deal.  There are a lot of things a consumer needs to be aware.

Here are some of the parts which can make a copier deal a great deal or a bad deal:

  • Is the copier configured correctly?  This means items such as a finisher or hole punch or 11 X 17 should be in the copier if needed, but not if you don’t need these features.
  • Is the copier going to be leased or purchased?  If leased, for how long and what term of lease?
  • Is there an escalator in the contract or is it stable?
  • Does the copier work with mobile devices?  This is the growing office trend.
  • Is the rep signing you up for a huge base with way more copies included than you use, or is the contract fair?

Buying a copier in Seattle can be tricky, but we are here to help you!