When Does Leasing a Seattle Copier Not Make Sense?

If you run a startup, a copier may not make sense. A copier lease is difficult to abscond from, just like any other contract. If your organization makes less than 700 copies per month, it does not make sense to lease a copier. You should consider buying MFPs that are smaller than copier workhorses. These are usually desktop machines that can scan, print, copy, and fax just like any other MFP, except these machines have a high cost per print and low capacity toner/cartridges. Contrary to what you might think, the small device would cost more to maintain and operate than a copier workhorse.  Inkjet printers have a cost of about $.20 per page, and laser printers have a cost of about $.06 per page.

If you print more than 700 pages per month, you should consider leasing a copier, but only if you are certain that your organization can afford the payments. Typically, the service contract and maintenance agreements are included, but you can find your own service contracts if needed. If you plan on making less than 700 pages per month for a few years down the road with no foreseeable increase in prints, then you should probably just buy an laser copier rather than an inkjet.