Want to Properly Load Paper in a Copier?

While you may feel as if you know your copier inside and out, every now and again, your copier will prove you wrong. Does your paper continue to jam? It may not be the toner, drums or fuser, but what causes the endless jams? It could be that you are not loading the paper correctly, and this causes constant jams and wasted resources.

kyocera-copierTo properly load paper:

first you open the tray and adjust the guide for paper accommodation.

Second, locate the label for the paper’s packaging. You will see and arrow that points upward or near the label. It might say, Copy this side first.

Next, open the paper and fan through it to remove static electricity.

After you have placed the paper in the copier tray, check to make sure the right side faces up. You will only fill the paper to the line, which can be found on the inner portion of the tray.

Lastly, do not push the guide too far back because this will buckle the paper. You will want to close the guide slowly to prevent shifting in the paper. The slightest bend or fold in your paper causes the potential for a jam, so you have to examine it closely.