Lease or Purchase a New or Used Copier

Copier Rentals

Overview of Xerox WorkCentre 5300 Series

The Xerox WorkCentre 5300 series is the perfect copier and multi function printing solution for your busy business. The Xerox WorkCentre 5300 series is designed to work at a consistently high standard and be reliable for your business needs. Print speeds of up to 35 prints per minute let you consistently tackle your busy printing…

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Xerox Authorized dealer

You’ve found the place where you can get access to great copiers! In Seattle,  we want to be your go-to Xerox Authorized Dealer! We are proud to offer sales of new and used copiers and leases or rentals on excellent Xerox brand copy machines. We work in a very different way than most copier companies. We would love…

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Copier Rentals in Seattle

Are you looking for a copier rental in Seattle?  If you have been thinking about leasing a copier for your office or just renting a copier, we can help you out.  We have color copiers and black and white copiers for rent for both the short term and the long term.  Please give us a…

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Leasing a Seattle Copier MFP Makes Better Business Sense Than Buying

If you did not know already, buying a copier at full price can hit pretty hard on operational expenses and limits business longevity and its ability to expand healthily. Not only that, buying a copier means that the company is directly responsible for all the costs associated with the device, that includes consumables, accessories, add-ons,…

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When Does Leasing a Seattle Copier Not Make Sense?

If you run a startup, a copier may not make sense. A copier lease is difficult to abscond from, just like any other contract. If your organization makes less than 700 copies per month, it does not make sense to lease a copier. You should consider buying MFPs that are smaller than copier workhorses. These…

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Rent a Copier or Buy the Copier?

Is Renting Or Owning A Copier The Better Option For You? If you are in need of a copier in Seattle, then you may be wondering whether it is better to rent or buy one. Before you decide whether it is best to rent or own a copier, it is important to consider the advantages…

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