Leasing a Seattle Copier MFP Makes Better Business Sense Than Buying

If you did not know already, buying a copier at full price can hit pretty hard on operational expenses and limits business longevity and its ability to expand healthily. Not only that, buying a copier means that the company is directly responsible for all the costs associated with the device, that includes consumables, accessories, add-ons, and warranty extensions. When the copier is discontinued, 5 years after the fact, businesses and vendors will stop providing support for the device, and they are usually quick about it.

Leasing gives you the opportunity to utilize the monthly expenses as deductions when tax season rolls around. The device, under a lease, will not be susceptible to the harsh depreciation that brings down the value of the device significantly. You can claim the exact dollar amounts for the monthly expenses for the whole year. Also, under a lease, the copier vendors or reps are responsible for the costs associated with technician repairs, accessories, replacement parts, etc. After the lease is over, it is your responsibility to notify them of your intent to return the device at no more than 90 days before the end of the term. If you fail to notify them, they will roll over the lease, which means you are stuck with the device or another lease term.