Document Management

Drowning-in-DebtWe are aligned with Square 9 – Square 9 is a world leading enterprise document management platform.  Before we tell you all about why we choose Square 9, let’s chat about why a client may want to purchase a document management system in the first place.

The first reason we see companies go with a document management system is all about compliance.  Legal compliance or standards compliance.  This could mean HIPAA or LEED Certification, or ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 compliance.  Working with a document management companies allows organizations prove they can handle an audit as they can pull up document chain of custody in seconds.

The second reason a Seattle company may choose document management is process improvement.  Rather than depend on human memories and interpretations, there can be a standardized way interactions occur.  Now Jill doesn’t have to remember to bring Stan the files of people who didn’t call him back.  When Jill follows the directions, she gets to see the beauty of automation.  With a single click all the relevant files are forwarded to Stan.

The final reason is just for work efficiency.  Sharing files and folders or having information accessible via the Cloud.

Call us today if you want to work with a document management solution who is ready for your project – big or small.