Copiers We Sell

Xerox-WorkCentre-7425-7428-7435We proudly are multi vendor or a vender neutral company.  We currently deal with Toshiba, Muratec, Lexmark, Xerox and Sharp.  Our thought is for about any application, one of these will work.  There are a lot of copiers out there, and we help you figure out the right one to go to.

Xerox copiers

In the Xerox copier line, we sell the Colorqube 8700, Colorqube 8900, WorkCentre 6605, WorkCentre 7220, WorkCentre 7225, WorkCentre 7830, WorkCentre 7835, WorkCentre 7845, Colorqube 9301, Colorqube 9302, Colorqube 9303, WorkCentre 5325, Phaser 3635MFP, WorkCentre 4260, WorkCentre 3615

Toshiba Copiers

With the Toshiba copier line, you have another wide range of choices.

Toshiba eStudio 556, Toshiba eStudio 306LP, Toshiba eStudio 2050C, e-Studio 656, e-Studio 527s, e-Studio 2051C, e-Studio 856, e-Studio 3055c, e-Studio 2555c, etc

If you took all of the copiers we sold, you would have over 300 different devices, this is why you need to purchase from an expert.  We ensure you purchase the copier that will work for your needs.  We would love to help any client in need of a copier here in the Seattle area!