Volatile Organic Compounds – What Are They, and How Can You Protect Your Workers From Them?

Almost every copier on the market produces what are known as Volatile Organic Compounds (or VOCs for short.) These compounds can make your workers sick.

Ozone is the most common VOC produced by copiers; it’s suitable for the atmosphere, but it wreaks havoc on people’s lungs.

How Do You Know If Your Copier Produces Ozone?

You can find out if your copier produces ozone by asking your copier rep:” How much does a corona wire cost?”

If they tell you that the corona wire is included or they give you an actual price, your copier produces ozone.

What Problems Can Prolonged Breathing of Ozone Cause?

If people breathe ozone in for too long, we can expect to experience a host of health problems. Here are some of those problems, according to WebMD:

  • Ozone will irritate and inflame the lungs
  • Taking a deep breath will be painful.
  • You will be coughing and wheezing excessively.
  • If you consistently expose your lungs to ozone, the damage it causes can be permanent.
  • You will have less capacity in your lungs.
  • You will be far more susceptible to pneumonia and bronchitis.

How Can You Protect Your Workers from VOCs?

If you care about your employees’ health, you need to take these steps to ensure their safety.

  • Place your copiers far away from the desks of your employees. This step may somewhat reduce efficiency in the office, but your employees will be able to breathe easier when you take this one precaution.
  • Make sure your copier is in a well-ventilated room.
  • Replace your ozone filters frequently. If you see black marks on the wall next to your copier, they are from VOCs your copier is producing.

Now That You Know the Dangers of Volatile Organic Compounds, Take These Precautions and Keep Your Workers Safe.

Please don’t punish your workers’ loyalty by making them breathe lung-killing ozone daily. Follow the precautions above, and you will ensure that your workers can keep their lungs healthy and stay gainfully employed in the future.