Xerox Altalink C8030 Printer

The Xerox Altalink C8030 Printer is best for medium and large offices. This printer will allow for higher productivity and less frustration when it comes to technology from its touch screen to its walk-up fax feature, there’s nothing left out from this printer.

The Xerox Altalink C8030 Printer is up to date with the best and most convenient technology because it includes a feature called the Fleet Orchestrator. It is a design that allows one person to automate the controls across each device. You can count on less maintenance or IT support in the future.

There is no learning curve when it comes to this advance printer. The Xerox Altalink C8030 Printer features training that can be played straight from your work desktop, and is very straightforward. This model allows for high resolution of 1200 x 2400 that shows high quality and professionalism.  The Xerox Altalink C8030 Printer prints a speed of 30 pages per minute, and up to 90,000 pages a month. It also has a first-print-out speed of 6.5 seconds in color and 5.3 seconds for black and white.