Formax Pressure Sealers

Formax Pressure Seal Solutions advanced, patented AutoSeal pressure seal technology has been the solution of choice for Fortune 500

companies to schools and small businesses for the last decade. Pressure sealers eliminate the need for envelopes and enable you to reduce processing time while boosting productivity.

Whether your environment is a small office or a high-volume mail house, Formax Autoseal pressure sealers enable you to process your self-mailers quickly and efficiently—at speeds of up to 40,000 forms per hour.

Desktop solutions begin with the economical FD 1200 entry-level pressure sealer for smaller jobs while the fully-automatic flagship FD 2054 model is specifically designed to process multiple applications with simplicity and ease.


Below are just a few products offered by Formax;

Formax FD 1202 Pressue Sealer

A user-friendly, low-volume solution for processing one-piece pressure seal self-mailers, the Formax FD 1202 Pressure Sealer is capable of processing up to 38 forms per minute.

Formax FD 1402 Pressure Sealer

Ideal for processing documents in an office environment with low-volume applications, the Formax FD 1402 Pressure Sealer has a speed of up to 75 forms per minute.

Formax FD 2054 Pressure Sealer

The AutoSeal FD 2054 is a fully automatic pressure sealer which provides the ultimate tabletop solution for processing pressure sensitive one-piece mailers.


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