Starting a New Copier Lease

Having a working copier for your office is extremely important. Just about every business in America has some sort of office machine to handle their daily workload. They are extremely important, but some new business owners are intimidated about the process of starting a new copier lease. Starting a copier lease doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you know what steps to take.

The best advice that we can give you when starting a new copier lease is to do some research before talking with a representative. There are a lot of sneaky copier leasing companies that only care about getting your money. This is why we suggest looking at some of the following pieces of advice before getting too serious about your lease. These steps can help you set yourself up for a good lease.

  1. Think about what you absolutely need. Does your business rely on color prints? What kind of workload will your copier need to handle? Do you need a tabloid machine to handle your bigger prints? Thinking about these things early on can help you find out how much it should cost for the things you need the most. Don’t get talked into getting features that you don’t need.
  2. How long do you want your lease for? The average copier lease goes for about 5 years. However, many copier leasing companies offer options to fit a variety of needs. Think about what your business needs and get a lease that matches.
  3. Double check everything before signing. There can be some sneaky language in copier leases. Make sure you take the care to pay attention to everything in the lease before you sign it. You will be stuck with this lease once your signature is on the page.

Thinking about things like these can be a great way to set yourself for a great copier lease. Another great thing to do is to come see our great staff at Copier Seattle. We can help you with whatever you need so you can get the best copier lease for your business.