Avoid Raised Lease Rates

Your copier lease rate may not be what it seems. If you find a copier that you love you may be eager to sign your lease right away, especially if the price is up your ally. However, it’s important to stop and read the fine print. Some copier leasing companies use sneaky tactics to make your lease look good now, but it could be vastly different down the road. Some leases are hard to understand, and you may even experience raised lease rates if you aren’t careful.

If you look at your copier lease you may notice that there is a provision stating that your lease rate could rise after two years. Your leasing agent might state that this is only if they would need to because of things like inflation. It’s realistic to believe that inflation can slightly adjust your lease rate, but sometimes these adjustments can get out of hand. Some leases can make your rate rise as high as 12% a year!

  • Let’s imagine that your copier leasing representative gave you a great deal on a 10,000 print agreement. They say that you will get 10,000 prints for $100, which is a great price on the market.
  • But then your lease begins to rise by 12% after year two.
  • By your fifth year of your agreement you are paying $157 for the same 10,000 prints. This is not a good market price

Putting this provision in your lease gives them an opportunity to charge you more down the road, and there is very little you can do about it. They may tell you it’s only for certain circumstances, but let’s be real. How often does a leasing company or bank look for a reason to not charge you more than it should?

Give us a call at Copier Seattle to get a fair lease rate on your next color copier. We can make sure your lease is fair and honest so you can focus on your work.