What to know about Unlimited Prints

When you are signing a copier lease you need to decide how many monthly prints that you want. This is one of the toughest areas to make a smart decision if you aren’t familiar with operating an office copier. You will almost always try and be convinced into buying more prints than you actually need. This is wasted money every month, and the worst example of this is getting unlimited prints. Knowing why getting unlimited prints is a bad idea is the first step to making a smarter choice.

Being offered unlimited prints is a way to give you the illusion that you have power and choice. You won’t be charged for extra use and can go wild. However, you are almost definitely getting ripped off.

From a business prospective, the only way that they make money is to sell you those prints for higher than they get them. If you were to go over that price range, even if you get unlimited prints, they will raise their price. It is also wasted money for you every month because you won’t ever get close to using enough prints to make the price worth it.

The best way to buy prints is to get a little less than you need on your busiest month. We usually recommend that you should purchase about 80% of what you need on your busiest months. This gives you a close approximation on your slower months, and the prints that you do need will be purchased for a necessary job, instead of being thrown away.