Getting the Right Amount of Prints

When we talk about people about their previous copier contracts there is an overspending trend that we see. It’s not the copier leases that people are usually losing money on. It’s their print contracts that really reduce people’s budget. This is common because people do not really understand what it is they are paying for. We believe in helping you save money on your copier lease to help your business succeed, and a big part of that is understanding how getting the right amount of prints will help your.

Many copier leasing companies want you to overspend on your prints. It’s extra money in your pocket, and many people do not even know that they are being overcharged. This is because your leasing agent may make it sound like they are doing you a favor.

For example, you may say that you want 25,000 prints for the month. Your leasing agent may suggest that you get 30,000 to be safe, because adding more mid-month will be more expensive per print. It may sound like this is helpful, but you are actually wasting money every month.

Unused prints do not rollover to the following month. Whatever you don’t use simply disappears and your leasing company gets the money whether you use your prints or not.

That’s why it’s better to actually go a little lower than you think you need on your busiest months. You may need to buy a little more if you run out, but you won’t be throwing money in the trash for something you don’t actually need.