To lease or to buy?

Getting the right copier for your business is as much about fitting your budget as it is about meeting your business demands. No one solution is right for everyone. In fact, at Copier Seattle we believe that finding you a copier and contract that fits you is the most important part of our jobs. It’s not about the money to us; it’s about working with you to help your business succeed.

Not everyone wants to be on a lease. You don’t always know where your business is headed or what the future holds. That’s when buying a used copier can actually be a fantastic choice. We can show you a variety of options, but it’s always up to you to make the choice in the end. That’s why we put together this little guide to help you choose whether to lease or to buy your next copier.

Pros to leasing a copier

  • Lower upfront cost. Monthly payments cut down on how much money you need to get started.
  • Newer technology that can be useful for your business.
  • Easy to get parts and maintain

Cons to leasing a copier

  • Monthly payments and obligations to a leasing company

Pros to Buying a used copier

  • One-time payment. No monthly payments mean you don’t have to be beholden to monthly payments.
  • It’s truly yours to own. You don’t need to work with a leasing company
  • You can still get continued maintenance even without a lease contract

Cons to buying a used copier

  • The copier may break down. Even though you can still get maintenance, it may break down more often.
  • Parts may be harder to come by. If your copier is discontinued it will become hard to get it working again.
  • Heavy up-front cost.

Give us a call at Copier Seattle today to learn more about getting a great copier contract for your business.