Avoid Automatic Rollover

There are many people that start their first copier lease with a new company and end up unhappy. That’s because many copier leasing companies are sneaks in the way that they put their leases together. They intentionally write them so that they can be hard to understand, and you end up paying more than you should. You also may just be getting horrible customer service and support. If this is the case for you then it’s crucial to know how to avoid automatic rollover.

Understanding what automatic rollover is is the first step. Look at your lease and see if there is anything that states that you must submit your desire to end your lease before your lease comes to an end. If there is then they will be able to continue your lease unless otherwise specified. This is what automatic rollover is.

Many people just assume that their lease ends on the date that they signed. However, you can end up being stuck on the same lease for additional months if you don’t avoid automatic rollover. This can be a huge pain for those who don’t like the company that they are working with.

Here is what you need to do to avoid automatic rollover.

  1. Look at your lease and find out if automatic rollover applies to your lease.
  2. Find out when you need to inform your leasing company that you do not wish to continue your lease. This is usually a time period between 180-90 days before the lease is supposed to end.
  3. Submit your request to end your lease on your specified date.

If you take precaution then you should be able to end your lease at the correct time. Otherwise, you may be stuck working with your sleazy company for long than you wish. Remember to be careful when signing a lease and look for automatic rollover before it’s too late.