Xerox ColorQube 9303

Many printers claim to offer the ability to handle full color prints, but they often fall short on their promise or come at a ludicrous price.  The Xerox ColorQube 9303 is specifically designed to offer you the best colors available, while keeping costs as low as they can be. It is the perfect solution for businesses that demand amazing color, but need to stay on a budget.

The ColorQube 9303 is a full tabloid sized printer that offers more color features than the alternatives. Your prints will look amazing at a fraction of the cost. The ColorQube 9303 is designed to deliver top-quality color, even on cheaper paper.

They are able to accomplish this by using a Solid Ink. With Solid Ink you printer will fill in the gaps of your prints to create a new printing service. This will help to deliver the truest color with more consistent accuracy.

You are also able to create a hybrid color plan to help you save on your color costs. You are charged less when using prints that only use a little bit of color. You are charged at different rates for black and white, everyday color, and expressive colors. This means you can do more jobs cheaper, because you only pay for what you actually need. Solid Ink also uses no toner cartridges, which will produce up to 90% less waste than laser prints.

The Xerox ColorQube 9303 is an incredible offer from Xerox for those who need the best colors, at a great price. Call Copier Philadelphia today to get yourself set up with a ColorQube 9303 today.