Paying for Professional Installation

If you run your own business then you are probably used to saving money. There is nothing wrong with being frugal, but when it comes to your copier there are things you don’t want to skimp on. At Copier Seattle we believe in spending smart on things you actually need. That’s why we recommend paying for professional installation.

Copiers are complex machine. They are important devices that are critical to the people who rely on them. Yet, some people will try and get around having their copier set up correctly. The common mistake is that they think their IT department will be able to handle the installation. However, IT departments aren’t trained in this kind of technology.

At Copier Seattle we use Xerox Certified Technicians to install you copier. That means that it will be done correctly the first time, and will work exactly how it should. I can be infuriating to invest in an expensive office machine only to have to fiddle with it forever to get it set up.

Paying for professional installation will give you the peace of mind to know that your machine will work the right way.

However, if you are looking to save in other areas of your copier lease then come see us at Copier Seattle. We will be sure to help you spend money in the right places to get exactly what you need.