Used Copiers in Seattle

Finding the right copier for your office can be a tough job. There are a lot of options for a variety of copiers, and leases can be so expensive. If you are looking at getting your first copier for a growing business then you might want to consider a used copier.  We are proud to sell the best used copiers from brands like Xerox and Formax.

Used copiers are a great option for those who are concerned about making high monthly payments. Our used copiers are all in great condition and guaranteed to help you get the job done.

Our selection of used copiers were all maintained by their previous business owners. We make sure that our copiers are in great working condition and should last you for time to come.

We offer return policies on all our used copiers in the first few months of purchase. This helps you know that you won’t be stuck with a lemon. We are dedicated to making sure that you are satisfied with your used Xerox or Formax copier.

At Copier Seattle we offer the fairest leases around. We have experience helping people in Seattle, Bremerton, and Renton find the perfect copier to fit their needs.

Call us today to get started finding the best copier for your business. At Copier Seattle we pride ourselves on putting customers first. We have a reputation for our superior customer service and know how to make sure that you get the right copier for the right price.