Warm Up Time vs Copier Speed

It may seem odd, but getting a copier that’s fast enough isn’t just about looking at copier speed. It is one of the secrets of copier sales that most people do not think about. When leasing a copier you need to make sure that it is able to keep pace with your business. While copier speed is certainly one of those factors, what most people do not consider is warm up time.

Warm up time is the time it takes for your copier to prepare itself to begin a print job. It can greatly affect how much you are able to get done on a busy work day, and how much time is wasted at the copier. It is not uncommon for a business to buy a copier that has blazing copier speed, but then not consider how long it takes to begin the job in the first place.

When looking at warm up time vs copier speed you need to think about different aspects or your business.

  • Copier speed will be the most important factor if you are doing very large volumes of copying. A business that does 150,000 copies a month is affected more than the business that does only 30,000 copies in a month.
  • How big are your usual print jobs? If you are doing fewer, larger jobs, then print speed may be more important. If you do greater amounts of small prints, then warm-up time may affect you more.

Time is essential when running a business and we know that every second is priceless. To find the best copier for all your business needs please contact Copier Seattle. Our experts will help you find the copier whose speeds meet your needs.