Printing from Your Tablet or Cell Phone

lady-pointing_smallXerox has added some mobile apps that work well for the mobile inclined type of customer.  Using the ConnectKey platform, there are apps that can be added which allow for mobile print.  It is nice for offices becoming more mobile.  We have a tech on site who specializes in helping to get your company to have the features they need to use.  We love finding the creative ways to make your office more productive.

We know many people are going to more of a cloud based, mobile print office environment.  Others don’t seem to care.  The good news is that in either situation Xerox has your back.  It comes standard, at no extra cost, so you can either deploy the technology, or you can ignore it and know it is there when you need it.

If you want a copier in Seattle, we hope you will give us a call!