What to Check Before You Sign a Copier Lease

kyocera-copierWhile the contract for leasing a copier can seem simple and straightforward, you always want to read the fine print because it could include hidden costs and conditions that need to be accounted for. The majority of leasing companies require that you give a notification towards the end of the lease. This is known as the evergreen clause, and it normally takes place from between 30 to 100 days before the end of the lease. You can also extend the lease on a month to month basis and for several months.

The initial document preparation fee will normally cost between $75 to $200, but you can often negotiate this out of the lease. Do not pay it! You do not have to. Many times, the company will expect that you ask in order for them to waive it. It is just another way for them to get extra cash out of you. When looking at copier insurance, first check to see if you have an office insurance policy. In some cases, office insurance will cover your policy so that you do not have to pay extra insurance for your copier. Most companies, however, will charge for insurance if you cannot provide them with written documentation. You have to confirm your coverage under the office insurance policy and name the leasing company as the loss payee. Normally, you need to submit this to them 30 days before the first invoice. To get the most from your lease, always be aware of what the contract makes you responsible for.