Why Bundling a Copier Service Contract is a Bad Deal

belt-tighteningBundling your service contract into the lease can have a huge impact on the pricing. The rep might tell you that it is one of the best ways to lock in the cost per copy, but remember: That copier sales representative also gets a commission for saying that. You want the copier and the service agreement separate for a number of reasons. First, it equates to better freedom. You want to have the option to walk away from a bad dealership if they decide that taking four days to service your copier is acceptable. If you buy a service contract, you are locked in to that dealership because you pre-paid them for five years of terrible service.

Second, it gives you the ability to upgrade as needed. You may feel the need to upgrade your copier because your business is expanding, but if you are only halfway through the lease, bundling with a service contract can mean that you are locked in with them. The allotment becomes another important aspect because you want the ability to downgrade and upgrade your monthly copy allotment as your business needs evolve. You cannot do that, however, if you have pre-paid for your services. The interest on bundling will also add up on your service bill because it is a lease. Nevertheless, if the dealership offers in-house leasing, and you want a single invoice, that could be a good reason, but you want the actual contracts as two separate things. For further information, visit our copier company in Seattle.