Security Features: What You Want on Your Next Copier

encryptsInformation technology continues to evolve and expand, and as it does, we have an increased need for information security. 2016 has been predicted to be a year with a lot of organized cyber crime, and you may want to have the proper security controls in place. You have to keep the appropriate measures to keep the security standards at your company at its highest levels. What’s exciting about the latest developments is that they have a dramatic impact on quality. You probably would have never guessed that we can track printed materials even after they have left our organization. When looking at security, you may also want to consider a user authentication feature. What that does is it allows only specific people to take printouts that they have been authorized for. If you print a lot of sensitive documents, this can become an invaluable feature. Another nice thing about that feature is that you will know who accesses different documents at various times.

A lot of companies have taken a preference to working with encrypted PDFs because they can present their data as a PDF. You have a lot of security features that you can take advantage of with a PDF, and there are a lot of security features that can prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your data. When you use an ordinary copier, you need to remove the encryption from the documents before printing, which leaves a hole in your security. If you work with this a lot, you may want to look for a printer that can print off encrypted PDF files.