Negotiating a Better Copier Lease

negotiateWhat many people fail to realize is that they can negotiate the terms of their lease so that it will be more favorable. For example, instead of setting up a monthly volume allotment, you can ask for a yearly print volume allotment. The potential savings in doing this can add up from $100 a year to more than $1,500 a year. Let’s say that you are a school that takes 10,000 copies per month. When you take 10,000 multiplied by nine, it adds up to 90,000 copies total. However, the summer months only add up to 1,000 copies each month. In essence, you have a total of 93,000 copies versus 120,000. Instead of paying for 12 months of 10,000 copies and paying $1,200 a year, you pay for 93,000 copies, and save $270 on copying. Anyone with a seasonal print volume can take advantage of this little known trick. Not to mention, you also receive a small discount for having a yearly contract.

Getting a discount on a yearly meter reading over a monthly billing, the savings can range from $100 to $1,000 a year, and a lot of dealerships give discounts for people who do just one meter reading a year because it saves them time and money. They do not have to chase you down each month, and in that way, you get billed for a monthly allotment, but you receive just one yearly overage bill. Another tip is to set that yearly allotment a little lower than what you think you might need. It is better to pay for a few overages than copies that you will never use.