How to Lease a Copier Like a Pro

Drowning-in-DebtBefore signing the dotted line of a lease, you should understand how leases work to get the best results. Many people fail to realize how leases are contracts, and they can cost you more money if you fail to pay attention. The best way to prepare is to understand the preparatory steps for your lease and avoid looking like a beginner because that makes you an easy target to shady salesman. In the first step, you have a process of leasing, and you should understand the questions that you will be asked. In the second step, you should know the details proposed in the lease, and after you have gotten the lease, know the costs and conditions.

Signing a lease, you have to stay aware of the copier output requirements. That will set the pace and the scope for everything after that. The majority of dealers are willing to help you, but you want to do as much research as possible. The more you understand about a company, the better off you will be. Look at the reviews and tell them how much you plan to print every month. Also, ask if they charge extra for tabloid paper. Sometimes a company will charge you two clicks for tabloid, which can add up a lot faster. You want to stay aware of these things in advance. Knowing the equipment used for copying is important, but you should know the extra features that you actually need. This helps you to avoid paying more for those just “nice to have” type of features.