Using Laser Paper in an Inkjet Copier: Can It Be Done?

kyocera-copierThe answer to this question is a definite no. The consequences of using laser paper for an inkjet printer might not be as bad as using inkjet paper for your laser printer, but there will still be definite consequences like reduced print quality. These papers were designed for different purposes, so when you take a different type of paper and put it in the wrong machine, the result is reduced quality. Meanwhile, you should never use inkjet paper for a laser copier because the consequences can be a severely damaged machine. You won’t see as much damage done to the inkjet printer if you use laser paper in it, however.

Similar to how inkjet paper will have a coating, the coating on laser paper does not operate well with an inkjet printer. The coating might not mess up your copier, but it does have a dramatic impact on your print quality. If you plan to use these things for marketing materials, it will dramatically hurt the purpose. When you use laser paper in an inkjet copier, the ink will not stick on the paper as well because of the coating. As a result, you may have documents that smear more easily. Paper that has been intended for a laser machine was not meant for absorbing the ink of inkjet. Instead, it has been intended for melting the toner on the pages. If you ever notice this problem, check your paper to see that it has been intended for the right machine. Many customers do not realize what a drastic impact this can have.