Questions to ask your copier leasing agent

kyocera-copierHave you recently started a business in Seattle and are looking for office equipment for your new space? Most new businesses obtain their office copier by leasing it from a copier leasing company. We would love to help you out with that and have a few suggestions for questions to ask your copier leasing agent. We put a lot of effort into educating each and every one of our customers so we can be sure that they are getting our best service. We don’t expect you to know everything about copiers but if you take our advice, the answers to these questions to ask your copier leasing agent can mean the difference between a good transaction and a bad one.

  • “Do you charge delivery fees for toners and ink refills?”  If you will be leasing a copier, most certainly you will have a service contract with your agent. You always want to know if you should expect extra charges on top of your monthly leasing and service contract.
  • “What if the copier you lease to me doesn’t work?” Of course, we would hate this to ever happen to one of our customers and do everything we can to avoid it. You need to be sure that your copier leasing company will stand behind, repair or replace a faulty copier.

These are just two questions to ask your copier leasing agent. If you have more questions or want more education on the intricacies of copier leasing, call one of our local representatives of more information.