Used Copiers: When to Buy

Xerox_8860_CartoonUsed copiers make sense in some cases and not in others. Understanding what to look for and what to beware of can save you from having to buy a second time.

First, you have to look around more than with newer copiers. You often find used copiers for sale after a five-year lease ends, so you could be buying old technology. Ask about the history of the copier, and if they seem to dodge your questions, you are better off looking elsewhere.

In addition, used copiers may not have the latest features, such as scan email or network, included. You especially want to double check if you need these features. Also, used copiers will often experience more mechanical issues because they are older. Ask the person about the years of use before buying.

With a new copier, they often have color scanning capabilities even if they are a monochrome machine. If you need color scanning, exercise caution with a used copier. While you do have to be careful when shopping for used copiers, you can also find stunning deals, such as half off. You need to evaluate the situation before making the decision to buy.