Going up in Smoke: Color Savings

color-copierYou want to purchase a new color copier to lower the cost of your color printing, but if you fail to implement correct procedures, the cheapest cost-per-print printer will not save money.

Here are some actions to save on color printing:

First, set the default printing to black and white so that color printing becomes a conscious decision. You want to select the,use black ink only option. If you don’t, the copier may still add bits of color to the black ink.

Leases for copiers can prove to be tricky business. Before signing the contract, mull over the details of the document. Does it include an option for lots of color? If your office demands a high volume of color printing, never sign a lease that says you will pay a higher rate for exceeding 20 percent color coverage.

In addition, never pay for scanning. Negotiate it out of the contract terms, but never pay more than $.0015 per scan. That is the classic sign of a con artist. Before buying a color copier, take advantage of the tools manufacturers include to manage the cost of color and exposure.

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