Do You Have a Budget for the New Copier?

How to Create a Budget for Your New Copier

Copiers are a major investment that requires careful consideration before a purchase. In the first step, you should conduct an in-house audit to determine the demands of your company. Look at the paper type, and the number of copies that you will need. You should also evaluate your needs for features like duplex, automatic stapling and hole punch.

When looking at a copier, understand that you can use one device to support multiple locations if you have a network. This will reduce your overall expenses with the elimination of a need to maintain other equipment, which is why it can make sense to spend extra here.

In the final step, create a realistic budget that includes maintenance, paper, toner and maintenance. Never create a budget using only the initial price because that can be misleading, and other factors will have you paying more. Speak with a tax professional to determine if leasing will make more sense versus buying a new copier. After you understand your budget, contact our office for further information. We can evaluate the copiers that will meet your demands, and we will quote a competitive price that respects your budget. Our expert staff would love the opportunity to help you find the next great copier for your office.20