Multifunction printerHow Bad Do You Need Those Additional Features?

While some features are necessary, you want to avoid the unnecessary features that add to the price. You can pay a great deal more for a copier that has one extra feature, and if you do not use it, did it make sense to pay extra? For example, let’s say you need 11 x 17 paper, only make 300 copies per month and you want a laser copier. You will pay extra. The average costs approximately $2,500. However, if you use letter and legal paper, you might be able to use a $400 copier and still meet your demands.

Do you need automatic stapling? If not, we recommend avoiding this feature because it is another expensive add-on. You can expect that this feature will run between $1,000-$1,500. If you only plan to use it once per week, perhaps buying a stapler will make more sense. At our business in Seattle, we often find that people want to purchase a copier based on what they had with their last copier. The biggest issue occurs when their past sales rep sold them too much or too little, rather than finding a copier with the right amount of features. We want to keep you from making the same mistake.