Ready to Upgrade Your Copier?

While there are not always clear indications of how to spot a problem, you know you should upgrade your copier when you encounter these warning signs.Xerox_8860_Cartoon

  1. Your printer will use a great deal of ink. As your copier ages, it struggles to maintain the crisp and clean prints that it used to give.
  2. When the features that used to be advanced have become an industry standard. In many cases, a newer copier will provide customers with these features in a way that is more advanced.
  3. You should also look at bad print quality. While problems may occur because of internal issues that a technician can fix, if it seems ongoing, you should look at upgrading.
  4. The greatest warning sign that you will find for your copier is when it requires ongoing repairs. When you consider that the average technician charges $60 an hour, and in addition to the repeated fixing, your office will experience more downtime than what it can afford.
With a newer copier, your business can function at the optimum level, and you will have access to the latest features. Not to mention, you can write off a new copier on your taxes as a business expense.