Ready for Managed Print?

In-House Printing Cost Too Much? Try Managed Print Services

It’s shocking news, but printing in-house consumes approximately one to three percent of the companies’ revenues. If you have a business that deals with large-scale digital and printed documents, you may struggle to ascertain the actual expenses for document production and storage. However, businesses who utilize a managed print services program can save on printing expense by up to 40 percent. In addition to decreasing the price associated with in-house printing, managed print services will also increase the productivity of your employees.

How does a program work? First, you have to identify the actual cost of in-house printing, which will include human factors. Once you have a clear plan to eliminate waste and reduce expenses, you can make documents available to the people in need of them. Managed print services optimize your printer fleet, and they provide business owners with a fixed price that informs them on what they are paying each month. In addition, reducing the amount of copiers and printers will naturally lower the costs of energy consumption. To get a handle on in-house printing, the costs go through managed print services and give business owners a better deal.