A Quick Copier Guide

A Copier Guide to Leasing

In the modern world, the copier forms the office’s central nervous system. A medium-sized office can easily surpass 30 thousand copies per month, which means your choice in machine becomes a paramount decision. Even more important than choosing the multitude of available features is the choice of deciding to lease or purchase. Large-scale copiers can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars, so if you do not have the capital you may be better off leasing. However, check your lease clause to ensure that you receive free on-call service support for emergencies.

Buying provides customers with the benefit of avoiding binding contracts. Leases are not easy to break. If you have an office that does not need a high capacity copier, then smaller multi-function machines could suit your needs. When you buy a high capacity copier, keep in mind that they depreciate in value rapidly after four to five years of service. While there are benefits to both, you have to analyze your individual circumstances to understand the best route for you.