Do Not Overlook These Steps to Reduce Expenses On Your Seattle MFP

The method used to maximize profits for copier representatives is getting clients to purchase more prints than they actually use, which is also called the minimum. They don’t call it the minimum though. They might use tactics such as, “Trust me, you don’t want to pay for overages.” How do they know what you want? At least with overages, you are paying for prints that you actually use. It is better and are more cost conscious to pay for prints that you use rather than paying for prints that you don’t use for the “just in case” situation. Here are three extra tips for you:

  1. Calculate how many prints you use or will mostly likely be needing, and sign up for 80% of the total, especially if the amount of prints are variable. If the prints are not variable, and you know exactly how many prints you need, then sign up for 95-99% to account for wasted prints.
  2. Pay no mind to the “You do not want to pay for overage.”
  3. Compare and contrast your existing contract, if any, and look at your potential contract. What are the factors that decrease or increase the amount of your potential contract in contrast to the existing one?