How to Buy the Wrong Copier

lady-pointing_smallWe run into it everyday, people looking for a new copier and it almost seems like they have read some blog posts about how to purchase the wrong copier for their business.  We work hard to right size the copiers we sell, but sometimes it is just best to quote what people want.  Here are some of the most common mistakes we see when folks are out buying copiers.

They purchase a Ledger sized copier when Letter/Legal would work

Copiers have gotten smaller and faster.  Some of the desktop units can handle 10,000+ pages a month.  Buying the floor model copier made sense 10 years ago, but you may be surprised how robust and cost effective a desktop copier can be.  If you care about cost, you should at least consider a floor model copier.

They don’t bother getting a second quote – or only get a second quote to make their current dealer honest

The question here is if you need to get a second quote to make your current dealer honest, how honest is that dealer in the first place?

They don’t think about what options they really use

Some people just get a copier fully loaded and never bother to think about what they actually use.  It is important to consider what you actually need when buying a copier.

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