New Copier Sales in Seattle

iStock_000016422246LargeWhen Buying a Copier in Seattle

When most people are looking to buy a copier in Seattle, they want to complete the job asap.  Sometimes in the rush, they can miss some critical questions that would save them thousands of dollars.

Before signing the new copier lease, here are some things you should consider.

1)  Are you looking at a copier that does 11 X 17 paper?  If you don’t use it, then you are wasting approx $3000.

2)  Do you need stapling?  Stapling is a feature that is about $1500 on most copiers

3)  Do you need  color in your copier?  If not, it is probably better to avoid!


When leasing the copier, there are a few things that are important to consider –

A FMV lease means you are responsible for returning the copier at the end of the term.  Guess who gets to pay for that?  If you guessed your copier company, you would be wrong.  Make sure you have an idea of what that number is.  You may be better off with a $1 out lease where you get to keep the copier at the end.

Buying a copier can be complicated.  We would love to help you out!