Data Security for Your Copier

If you are a business looking for a copier in Seattle, you need to consider data security during your search. Although you may be well aware of the importance of backing up and protecting data on your server, many companies routinely miss the importance of having a data security kit for your copier’s hard drive.

Why You Should Purchase Data Security for Your Copier
In the event of a robbery, your company’s copier could be taken by thieves. If your copier has a hard drive, those thieves will be able to access the image files and any sensitive customer data from any copies that you have made. If this occurs, you’ll have to call your customers and notify them of the security breach.

Reasons Why Companies Do Not Have Data Security Kits for Copiers
Copier representatives do not often suggest security kits to their clients in order to make the copier price seem lower. However, in the event of a security breach, your Seattle business will save time and valuable resources if you have invested in a data security kit for your copier.