Choosing Photocopier Options

The amount of monthly copies should be considered when purchasing a copier in Seattle. Workers from many departments may need access to the copier, which should be centrally located in an area that has space for storage shelves or cabinets. There should also be a work station for making changes to the copies, which must include scissors, tape, paperclips and a stapler. An employee could be assigned to handle the work flow in the room for the copier. In contrast, each department may have individual copiers, which would help to increase productivity.

Wi-Fi Option

Copiers may have a feature that permits access through a Wi-Fi connection, which would allow a worker to request a copy from a personal device, such as a laptop computer. Therefore, the sales staff could quickly print a copy without returning to their desks. However, an online request for copies from a computer that is hardwired in the office would help to control the monthly costs for copies, which may be imperative for large companies.

Storage Shelves and Cabinets

Supplies are required for each copier, such as paper or toner. Therefore, cabinets or storage shelves should be placed close to the copier. If the copier is concealed in a storage room, then storage shelves would probably be the most economical choice. However, supplies should be stored in cabinets if the copier is placed in a sales office that is visited by customers. Managers should consider the dimensions and appearance of several models when purchasing a copier in Seattle.

Files for Details about the Costs

There should be a file for the copier, which must include a manual with instructions, information about the supplies and a maintenance log. Several reams of paper could be wasted if too many bad copies are printed by a defective copier. The losses would be extremely difficult to track without any reliable information about the costs or supplies.

Maintenance Schedule

The decisions to purchase a copier includes an evaluation of the details that pertain to a particular model, such as the options for faxing, speed for printing a copy and cost of the copy. A maintenance log can be used to determine if the current copier is suitable for the printing requirements of the office. Huge costs for maintenance services could indicate that a manager should investigate information about other models and purchase a different copier in Seattle.