Copier Security in Seattle

Although copiers have come a long way, they are still either leased or purchased, used for a period of time and then returned or discarded. These modern multi-function business machines may require a disk drive to manage incoming jobs. This includes retaining a copy of scans, faxes and emails as well as letters and memos that may contain sensitive or proprietary information. Proper steps must be taken to safeguard any information that may be stored on the device’s hard drive while the machine is in use and when it is discarded.

Encryption scrambles data using a code that only be read by compatible software. The information cannot be retrieved if the hard drive is removed from the machine. Overwriting, also known as shredding or file wiping, changes the information on the hard drive by replacing it with random characters so the file cannot be reconstructed. Depending upon the copier model, overwriting can occur after each job or on a scheduled basis. It is important that you consider these and other security features when selecting a copier for your Seattle-area business.