Copier Technology

Advances in technology have made buying new office equipment a bit more of a challenge for many people. Whether you are looking for a new or used copier in Seattle there are several things to think about before making a purchase. Consider how the copier will be used now, and also plan for expansion of your business in the near future.

Most users will find that a color copier is the best choice, even those who expect to print only simple documents. Edits and additions are easier to see when printed in red, and key phrases that have been highlighted in yellow are common in today’s business publications.
Small businesses that are looking for a copier in Seattle are less likely to need to be concerned about copier speed, but any organization that creates many documents or pamphlets should look at the pages per minute that a copier can produce. With speeds that vary from 12 to 60 pages per minute, a slow copier will make large projects unmanageable and tedious.
Only a business that prints unusually sized pamphlets or magazines will need to look at the paper size restrictions. Most copiers that are purchased in Seattle use standard and legal size paper. Note that copiers that can print on larger sheets of paper also tend to print more slowly.
Many small businesses will see Wi-Fi as an extravagance, but the ability to move computers and copiers without regard to cables shouldn’t be ignored. Space needs change and the time saved when rearranging the office will quickly offset any price considerations when choosing a Wi-Fi copier.

This is twofold, with both paper size and the dimensions of the equipment coming into play. Measure the space carefully and keep in mind that many electronic devices require ventilation and need to be away from walls. After determining the size of the copier, Seattle shoppers can look at available models to find a style that has the necessary functions and fits the space.
Some models may have options that add to the required space and these need to be considered as well. Home users are unlikely to require a sorting rack or additional paper storage, but may want to use a small stand to hold some extra cartridges and supplies. Larger businesses will need not only a larger paper capacity in their equipment, but can also expect to store larger amounts of copier paper and other supplies.