Do You Have a Closet Filled with Spare Toners?

If you’re like most companies, you probably have a back shelf that’s full of extra office supplies. That can be helpful, but it’s a bad idea when it comes to toner cartridges. Although running out of toner and being unable to print isn’t a great scenario, what’s worse is when you put your back-up toner in and find out that it’s defective, but the warranty’s invalid because it’s past the shelf life.

Manufacturers have their warranty time limit for a reason. They know that when a toner sits unused for a length of time, it’s subject to changes in climate and humidity, which can render the toner ineffective. That can equal upwards of $300 lost due to an unusable toner.

How do you avoid this? Keep in mind that if you run out of toner, your supplier can get it to you quickly. It’s just not true (though they may try to tell you otherwise in the interest of higher sales) that you have to order in advance. A good supplier keeps stock available for their buyers. Save your space for pencils and paper clips.