Making the Cost per Print Decrease, Like Magic

Printing is a costly task. Unfortunately, society is not yet “paperless” and businesses continue to spend money on printers and toner cartridges. Here are some tips on how you can spend less money printing.

1. If you have a color job to print out, first run one page in black and white. This lets you double check the overall design without using costly color ink. If you need to make any adjustments, run another test page. This guarantees you won’t miss anything.

2. Increase the lifespan of your printer by doing larger print or copy projects whenever you can. By printing in bulk, your machine will use less toner ink and less energy. This is an especially good idea if your project is in color, as it will help the color imaging assembly to last longer.

3. Skip the name brands. Most people hesitate to buy off-brand toner, but it’s time to shake the stigma. There are a lot of top-quality compatible toner cartridges available now, and they can save up to about 1/3 of printing costs. If you’re concerned, just be sure to only purchase those that have a complete guarantee.