Should You Take a Free Printer?

You should always use wisdom when it comes to a “free printer” offer. This is a common ploy used by manufacturers to increase sales. What happens is they offer a free printer in exchange for a promise that the customer purchases toner exclusively from the seller for two or three years. At first glance, it sounds like a good deal. It may not be all it appears, though, which is why you need to proceed with caution.

Do a little research before signing up. Don’t fall for high-pressure tactics that salespeople use to try and convince you that right this minute is your only chance. That’s only because they know if you actually understand the deal, you’ll realize it’s not a bargain.

Check out the actual cost of the printer. It’s as easy as doing an Internet search to compare prices. Look at the printer’s specs and find out how efficient it is and what it costs to run. It may be that the amount of toner needed to keep it going for the next couple of years far surpasses what the company would have made on the printer itself.