Seattle Used Copiers

We have some awesome deals on HP used copiers.  These copiers have been stripped all the way to the frames and gone through an entire refurbishing process.   This is not a quick scrub and call it new, this is an attack on the old printer to get rid of ANYTHING that could cause issues down the road.

One example is the HP Laserjet 4345XS MFP.  This is a 45 page black and white device from HP which uses the Q5945A toner.  This copier comes with stapling and is long lasting.  We love the most this copier is fully refurbished and is under $2,000 for the machine.  When you are looking for high quality used copiers, we want to help you out.  We work with companies to lower their print costs and would love to work with you.

The basic specs on the copier (not that you probably care are as follows.  45 Copies per minute.  1100 Sheet Paper input (2 reams of paper).  Stapling.  Cost – $1995.  A little cheaper if you choose the optional warranty.

If you want a used copier in Seattle, give us a call today please!