Does Your School Need New Copiers?

Now’s the Time for Schools to Buy New Copiers

Jammed papers and beeping buttons alerting everyone to a problem are two issues that your school’s copier has experienced on a regular basis. At the end of the last school year, everyone was virtually begging for a new copier. As you’re browsing through the array of options for a copier in Seattle, keep in-mind the following reason to finally answer the requests of your teachers.

With September just around the corner, you’re likely going to start seeing teachers come in and out of the building every couple of days. While scheduled meetings are part of the motivating factor for this activity, others simply want to take care of making copies before the semester or school year is in full swing. This is particularly true for the college setting where professors distribute multi-page syllabi to their students. Those in charge of purchasing copiers in Seattle for colleges absolutely need to make a buy soon.

Before you know it, not only will professors be walking the halls of the college, but all of the students will be back soon. While students are generally designated to a different area to make copies, the professors will need to create handouts to give to their class and produce copies of the essay requirements and homework assignments that their students will be completing. Without a functioning copy machine, many lessons are at risk of falling to the wayside. A good teacher always has backup, but there are only so many things that one can do without copies.

The same holds true for teachers at the secondary and elementary level although they have a little bit more time before the heavy influx of copying needs begins. Still though, there are often entire schools sharing one or two copiers whereas colleges generally have one for each department. Therefore, a copying machine that was on its last legs a few months ago is probably not going to be able to take too much more.

Additionally, purchasing a new copy machine really benefits the community as a whole. When the machine is constantly breaking down, people need to take time out of their other responsibilities to figure out what is wrong with it. At some point, the repairs can become so costly that it is not even worth it to fix the machine anymore. Start the new school year off right by getting a brand new copy machine for the building or floor.

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