Cool Feature on the Xerox Copier Systems

negotiateIf you are looking at a Xerox copier, or even better, if you have a fleet of copiers and want a simple installation of all the copiers, you should check out “cloning” and what it can offer for the simplicity of your IT operations.

What can you clone?

  • Connectivity Settings
  • Fax Settings
  • Print Defaults
  • Scan Structures
  • Jobs

The basic idea with cloning is a lot of clients tend to want to set up their copiers the same way over the fleet.  Xerox makes it possible with the cloning feature.

Who does this help?

Mainly this was designed for 2 main purposes:

  • For enterprise customers who have multiple installations across the country
  • For people who want to save all their settings in case they all get wiped out by the copier and they want to be able to do a quick re-install.

Please give us a call if you want to see how we can put cool Xerox technology to work for you!